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Shari's Mindful Pilates
Group Classes for Women

In-Person Group Classes for Women

All studio classes are booked online paid in advance through Schedulicity. Head to the "classes" tab to see our offerings. Discount packages are also available.

The studio offers small-group, mixed-level classes. Our smaller studio allows our instructors to give encouraging support and guidance to each person as they flow through the Pilates workout. 

Sign up for an intro class if you are new to Pilates. Please read and abide by our studio policies, wear comfortable exercise attire and non-slip socks during workouts. Get the Schedulicity app to keep up with your bookings.

In-Person Private or Duet Training

Space is currently limited for private and duet sessions, but please call for availability or to be added to the waitlist.

All private and duet sessions must be booked and paid in advance to solidify the chosen time slot. There is a 12-hour cancellation policy for all bookings at SMP.  

Private or Duet Training

Professional Training

Shari's Mindful Pilates is a small local business owned by an entrepreneur, dancer, certified educator, and artist. The core of the Pilates lineage is rooted in many years of training, experience, and passion. Shari's Mindful Pilates believes in a diverse classroom environment and fits a niche for those interested in professional Pilates training, respect, self-growth, and empowerment.

Policies & Rates

Class Policy

All slots are first-come, first-serve reservations online, paid in advance on Schedulicity (get the app). Group classes are 45-50 minutes long and structured for adults, with limited classes for younger individuals. Group classes are for WOMEN ONLY. Get on the class wait lists to be moved in when a slot opens.

Cancelation Policy

Cancel within 12 hours of your class for a package refund. You will be charged if you do not cancel within the window or do not show up for your class. We are supportive of illnesses and emergencies.


  • Medical conditions and serious injuries require a medical note or release form before attending any classes at Mindful Pilates. Mindful Pilates does not specialize in pre-natal Pilates and does not accept pregnant clients. 

  • Please arrive on time for classes and be respectful of the instructor and peers. Remove shoes upon entering the studio, and non-slip socks are required for workouts.

  • Do not wear metal jewelry or clothing with studs or zippers. This can damage the Reformer upholstery. 

  • Long hair should be pulled into a ponytail so that hair does not get caught in the equipment. Scabs, cuts, or sores must be protected and covered.

  • Please keep the focus on Pilates during classes. Positivity is our mission. 

  • Sorry, no childcare during classes.

  • Please do not attend any classes at Mindful Pilates if you are sick or feeling sick. 

  • Silence cell phones during classes out of respect for the studio environment.

  • Wearing lotions can make the machine upholstery slippery, so please do not apply it before class. Please refrain from applying strong fragrances or perfumes during classes out of respect for others with allergies.

  • Mindful Pilates respects ALL other studios and teachings of Pilates without judgment or criticism.


Discounted Group Equipment Class Rates 

  • Drop-in rate $32

  • 2 group classes (1-month expiration) $56

  • 5 group classes (2-month expiration) $140  

  • 10 group classes (2-month expiration) $260  

  • 12 group classes (2-month expiration) $312

  • Extend your package for 1 more month $32


Private Sessions for 1-- $85 (call for availability)

Private Sessions for 2 or more -- $55 each

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